Ushur and ServiceNow

I’ve been wondering about Ushur & ServiceNow integration. ServiceNow is used across our group as our standard ITSM tool and our department are planning to migrate onto ServiceNow for our own business applications (incident and problem management). Does anyone in the community have experience with using Ushur to enhance ServiceNow customer experience?



I have a lot of my prospects asking me about this nowadays. Although, I’m not a technical resource, here is a video from our vimeo page that I share with them -

I know one of our Solutions Consultations is working with another one of our clients right now on Ushur-ServNow, I’ll get him to respond to this thread, perhaps both of you can sync up.

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Barry, We have the Ushur Incident Creator solution that enables users to file Incidents in ServiceNow over text messaging or email. I would be glad to share the spec with you.

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This calls for an Ushur-ServiceNow integration-based demo by Ushur. :slight_smile: Let schedule this at the earliest. Thanks.

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Thanks a milllion J. that’s very helpful.

Thanks @john.lepore , that would be great. Dhiren (thanks @dhirendra.singh) has followed up with me via email so if you have that spec maybe you could ask Dhiren to pass on to me. thanks again.

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